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When you have a sizeable marketing project to undertake it can be tricky to find the time and expertise in-house to bring it to fruition. We understand that marketing projects can get pushed to the bottom of the pile whilst you’re dealing with running a business.

Let an expert drive your marketing project forwards.

Perhaps your marketing team is limited by resource and expertise, or your marketing project is still sat on your to-do list. Or are you putting it off because you need some guidance on where to start as right now it feels overwhelming? If this sounds familiar then speak to one of our experts about how we can support you and make your project happen.

Do you need a Marketing Project Manager?

If either of the following sounds like you then yes, it’s time to bring in an expert:
• You have an important marketing project on the table but you or your team don’t have the time to take it on.
• You or your team don’t have the expertise in-house to undertake your project.

What types of Marketing projects do you handle and how will it work?

Here are some typical marketing projects that we have undertaken for our clients:

• Marketing Campaigns – we work with you to plan, implement, and measure integrated marketing campaigns. This might be for a new product or service launch or targeting a new market with an existing product. Both need meticulous planning and delivery to achieve the best results!

• Rebrands or Brand Refresh – our team is committed to ensuring your rebrand or refresh is completed on time and on budget. These are usually longer-term projects needing dedicated time and resources from start to finish.

• Thought Leadership – we have created marketing thought leadership campaigns for a number of our B2B service clients, reviewing what content and marketing channels they need to utilise to drive their business forwards.

What will you gain?

Our promise to you is that as your marketing project manager we will develop, coordinate, and deliver a project marketing plan on time and on budget. We will be your dedicated resource so that your marketing project comes to life and achieves its goal.

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